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Access Bars

Access Bars, as a healing techniques, works on correctly and lightly pressing 32 points located in your head for you to get away with any blockage of receiving emotions, revoke preconceived emotions, and eventually help you with memorizing things better!

Benefits of Access Bars

As a kid I always pondered on the thought that when human brain is capable of memorizing so much in this lifetime what about things that are ought to be forgotten? What about things that should be permanently deleted?

Fortunately, I had all my questions answered when I was exposed to this beautiful healing Technique “Access Bars” which works on correctly and lightly pressing 32 points located on the head eventually helping one to release anything that is acting as a blockage towards receiving any kind of thought and emotion by revoking any preconceived considerations out of the healing mind.

Let us all get healed with the tried and practiced healing technique “Access Bars” at Healing Heaven.

Who is this therapy for?

Any human soul looking for getting away with the blockage the mind creates to receive emotions or just to revoke any preconceived notions or maybe to memorize better, Age being No Bar, can attain this Healing Session with Healing Heaven.

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