Meet Babita Kakrania

“I chose Healing Heaven as my company’s name as the name itself suggests ‘Heaven of Healings’. Our aim is that whoever comes to Healing Heaven always leaves with positivity in their heart, experiences of goodwill & blessing from the Divine! I am genuinely grateful to be a channel for this noble work.”

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Healing Heaven Goals

At Healing Heaven, our goal is to create and environment of positivity and guide you to a prosperous and healthy lifestyle by overcoming all your obstacles and fears

Our users are Happy & Healthy

“Counselling is the best I have ever experienced. Babita is very professional while also being homely!”

Shrey Shah

“Reiki always leaves me feeling my healthiest and happiest. Healing heavens is definetly the place for it...!”

Iram Shaikh

“I used to take my sister to Babita when she was down with an extreme fever. It worked like a miracle.!”

Aakita Shaikh

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